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SecureMaq is an engineering company with an established track record of delivering quality expertise with regards to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, providing services that include energy management, logistics support, prepaid solutions and connectivity services, while acting as the authorised distributor for related products.

Our company is provisioned to commission, install, and support a wide range of VSAT and large aperture satellite products and broadcast solutions, providing unique services delivered with expertise that are not replicated by other companies. We specialise in the design, production, integration, testing and implementation of solutions in the areas of DC power, operations management, cooling, hybrid power, cable assemblies, cable harnesses, and shelter solutions, amongst other fields in which we successfully operate.


CivMaq Group of Companies

CivMaq Projects - Construction & Facilities Services
EnviroMongz - Facility Management & Plant Cleaning
SecureMaq - ICT Services & Energy Management
Timbela Projects - Construction Serivces
GC Construction Quanitiy Surveying Services


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